Engineer Innovation

Simcenter is a flexible, open, and scalable portfolio of the best predictive simulation and test applications that support you at every step in your digital journey. Simcenter is a key component within Xcelerator.

Becoming a Simcenter customer means more than purchasing world-class software or services; it opens the door to an unrivaled wealth of engineering expertise. Our technological solutions are backed by a global team of engineering specialists, dedicated to helping you meet the challenges of your industry and exceed the expectations of your market.

We believe that the comprehensive digital twin is critical to the future of engineering innovation, and that simulation and test are the beating heart of the digital twin. By providing you with insight into the real-world performance of your product or process, Simcenter allows you to accelerate innovation over the entire lifecycle. 

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Simcenter CAE Simulation

Simcenter lets you predict the performance of your 3D geometry-based designs. In our Simcenter 3D CAE products, you can import geometry from any CAD source and prepare analysis models in a unified environment for a wide range of CAE methods including finite element, boundary element, computational fluid dynamics, and multi-body dynamics.

Simcenter’s integrated high-end, multidiscipline solutions are scalable for use by general CAE analysts and discipline experts. Additionally, by linking 3D simulation to Simcenter’s 1D and testing solutions, you can achieve unmatched accuracy.


HEEDS is a powerful design space exploration and optimization software package that interfaces with all commercial computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools to drive product innovation. HEEDS accelerates the product development process by automating analysis workflows (Process Automation), maximizing the available computational hardware and software resources (Distributed Execution), and efficiently exploring the design space for innovative solutions (Efficient Search), while assessing the new concepts to ensure performance requirements are met (Insight & Discovery).

Simcenter System Simulation
Simcenter System Simulation

Address the complexity of smart, automated, and electrified products that bring together mechanics, electrics, electronics, and controls. Optimize system performance earlier in the design process, improve product quality and reduce development time and costs.

Using Simcenter system simulation solutions, you can evaluate and balance potentially conflicting performance attributes (such as thermal management, operability, drivability or fuel efficiency) from the early development stages until the final performance validation and controls calibration. To deal with an increased number of requirements, use cases, and architectural variants, you can rapidly create heterogeneous system simulation architectures and share your models with the global engineering team.

Simcenter Testing

Enhance testing processes and boost productivity and product innovation with Simcenter Testing Solutions. Our solutions integrate multiphysics data acquisition hardware with a complete suite of acquisition, analytics, and modeling software to cover a wide range of test needs.

Simcenter Testing Solutions deliver critical insights for innovative smart products, increases testing productivity and efficiency, maintains quality, enhances team collaboration and engineering flexibility, closes the loop with simulation, and lowers the cost of ownership.



Simcenter STAR-CCM+, a multiphysics simulation solution for CFD engineers, enables companies to engineer innovation into their products. It covers the challenges faced by CFD engineers today and explains the solution with Simcenter STAR-CCM+ including workflow automation, design exploration using CFD, integrated CFD and multiphysics, and efficient parallel computing.