Proposal Automation and Design Automation

Rulestream - Engineer-to-order Process Automation

Rulestream is a powerful solution specifically developed to help ETO process automation companies to overcome challenges like long bid and order engineering lead times, inaccurate cost and schedule estimates, margin-eroding error, and project budget overruns.
Companies have proven they can increase revenue by using Rulestream to capture ETO process knowledge and rapidly design new products, even at the point of sale. While reducing lead times and overall costs.

You can create bid and manufacturing packages in minutes instead of weeks. With Rulestream, you can meet customer demand for engineer-to-order products while remaining profitable.
Product configuration challenges are compounded when you need to deliver specific products to each customer.

Rulestream enables your product/process experts to quickly and efficiently capture the rules for designing, engineering, manufacturing, and quoting orders.

Rulestream - Design Automation and Proposal Automation - Process automation

Learn about how Rulestream can help you automate engineering

Design Automation - Rulestream - Process automation

Design Automation - Automated Part generation

  • Design automation capabilities allow you to automatically create new part designs based on design rules. However, you can take advantage of deep two-way integration with many popular CAD systems.
  • These integrations enable the dynamic generation of new assemblies, components, and drawings according to your design rules. By leveraging design automation with automated part generation built into the CAD systems you use today, you can focus design efforts on truly unique requirements and let to automate the rest.

Proposal Automation and Documentation

  • Design documentation is automatically generated based on the functional requirements of your product and the knowledge captured in the system.
    However, Deep bidirectional integrations with PLM, Microsoft Office applications, and CAD systems enable the automatic generation of design documentation within the respective software application.
  • Rulestream coordinates this automation, helping you reduce order processing lead times and deliver higher quality and more complete manufacturing products.
  • Rulestream can generate various types of charts and graphs such as system-performance charts, sales graphs, costing graphs, etc.
    However, With The Rule-Based Engineering approach, you can generate engineering proposals with accurate technical content based on the engineering calculations. These reports are updated and generated in real-time. That is, any changes in input will be reflected in the report in real-time.
Proposal Automation
Rulestream - design Automation - Process Automation-Proposal Automation
Out Of The Box Integrations

Rulestream has direct Integrations with the following platforms.

    -Solid Edge
  • Product life Cycle Management : 
  • Visual Lay-outing : 
    -Microsoft Visio
  • Documentation : 
    -Microsoft Word
  • Database Management : 
    -Microsoft SQL
    -Microsoft Access
Rulestream Benefits
  • It allows companies to capture the complex engineering, design, and manufacturing rules needed to automate the design of a new part.
  • Rulestream provides a rule-authoring client that enables domain experts with limited software development skills to capture and manage ETO process automation rules.
  • It offers best-in-class design automation for both 3D models and 2D drawings, including annotations.
  • It Provides Multi-CAD Support.
  • Provides the ability to configure an intuitive user interface by drag-and-drop, and without programming for specific user profiles.
  • Deliver custom products at the cost, quality, and speed of more standardized products.
  • Improve lead times, win rates, and profitability
Rulestream- Design automation & Process Automation- Proposal Automation
Proposal Automation - Process Automation Design Automation
Advanced calculations and functions
  • Some engineers order products that require complex design calculations to support design automation.
  • With Rulestream, you can capture these calculations and methods to automatically create complex and highly variable product structures that meet your specific needs.