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Internet of Your Things

It gives us an immense pleasure to announce successful launch of our IIoT Platform InteliPRID – an Intelligent Predictive tool which helps in making Decisions by giving answers to WHY’s of Industry.

InteliPrid is a completely Integrated IIoT platform that lets you securely connect and process important Manufacturing Data at Scale. InteliPrid gives ability to develop application to visualize and analyze data. Three M Software Solutions has team of domain experts who understand the business requirements and help Software development team build a solutions which suites industry.

InteliPrid can be a hosted Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and as a privately hosted installation on a cloud vendor of your choice.

With Three M Software Solutions 10 years experience of providing CAD, PLM and Manufacturing software solutions InteliPrid has become a mature solution for different Industries like Automotive, Auto Tier 1 and 2 suppliers, FMCG, Energy and Chemical.

With our Domain Experts we are working towards making IOT simple for Implementation with Faster ROI. We have made the implementation of our solution very simple to give quick results to our customers. We have come up with two steps implementation

  1. Connect to Machines (Manufacturing Facility) with InteliPRID Connect
  2. Connect the data to predictive Dashboards with InteliPRID Iot Platform.

This solution is evolving with experience we are gathering at every new industry and customer where we are implementing .

NX CAD For Mold Design

The demand for speed

Tool design and manufacture is on the critical path for the development of many products. The demand for much shorter product delivery times, faster turnaround on design enhancements, lower supplier costs and increasing global competition have dramatic impacts on the toolmaking business.

The need for skills

The complexity of tool design and manufacture traditionally requires highly skilled people applying knowledge learned over years of practice. These resources are difficult to obtain or replace. Companies can gain competitive advantage by effectively leveraging specialized, best-practice knowledge in tooling development.

Improving quality

Quality of the end product depends directly on high-quality tooling. To achieve quality, tool designers and manufacturers must integrate their work with the product development effort. By dynamically linking tooling designs with product designs, companies can automatically propagate design changes to production tooling, achieving first-time quality.

Reducing waste

To achieve speed and cost objectives, tool designers and manufacturers must eliminate wasted time, effort and resources – not only between product development and tooling development, but also throughout the tooling design, optimization and manufacturing process.

Transforming the process

NX™ software from Siemens PLM Software is a next-generation solution that transforms the tooling development process with advanced automation. Knowledge-driven applications for tooling design and manufacturing are fully integrated with the overall product development process in a managed environment that improves productivity, accelerates the process, reduces waste and cost and improves quality.

A complete solution

With NX, tool designers can share the same software environment as product and part designers and NC programmers. This enables the overall process to be faster and more efficient. Changes can be implemented more easily and with fewer errors. Wasteful re-entry of data is eliminated and multiple users can share the same3D data. The tool designer, NC programmer and manufacturing engineer can begin work even before the product design is complete.

Automated mold design with NX Mold Wizard

NX Mold Wizard applies Process Wizard technology to optimize the mold design process, delivering levels of productivity that dramatically outperform traditional CAD software. Providing a structured workflow based on expert best practices, automation of mold-specific design tasks and libraries of standard mold components, NX Mold Wizard provides a step-by-step process that promotes the most efficient workflow, while integrating complex elements of design technology into automated sequences.

Mold Wizard is built on NX, the industry’s most powerful product development system. As a result, the tools for working with part geometry, creating parting surfaces and enabling automatic updates are among the most robust available. Less capable systems may handle basic parts and molds, but Mold Wizard can tackle the most demanding tasks.

Stepping through the process with NX Mold Wizard

At each stage the power of NX adds value, making the task easier, the mold better and the job faster.

NX mold design: key features

Molded part validation