Automation Implementation

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Standardize – Digitize – Automate the cycle we implement for customer success. Along with our team of experts, we implement this mantra in your organizations. This Automation helps you achieve phenomenal efficiency.

Our customers have experienced a Decrease in Design time to about 45% and a Decrease in RFQ revert time of 80%. This in turn helps them achieve a higher bid rate, increased turnover, increased bottom line, and decreased scraps.


Software - Solid Edge
  1. Design Automation: Design is an Integral Part for any engineering Company, but until when you are going to keep on adding Infra to support and capture the ever-growing markets, manage client iterations, Management exception. Automated your design to overcome this Problem, remove manual labour of the mundane tasks, and remove the Design bottlenecks. Re image and deploy your designs like never before.

2. Proposal Automation: For any company, the success depends on the sales. Now automate your Proposals, this will increase your bid rate, decrease the lead time for quote, give you a holistic view on the margins per quote in turn Quote Correct the 1st time and mange customer iterations in No time at all.

3. Mold design Automation: Automate your entire process of Mold design. We work with the top Mold Tool companies and have successfully implemented these solutions.