Rule Stream

Rulestream allows your product/process experts to capture the rules on how to engineer, design, manufacture and quote on jobs quickly and efficiently. Designed specifically to address the challenges facing an ETO manufacturer, Rulestream provides the tools and integrations needed to get you up and automating in the shortest time possible. Rulestream coordinates this automation, helping you shorten your order processing lead times and provide higher quality, more complete shop-floor deliverables.

 Using rules your product experts capture and maintain, Rulestream generates new product designs from the customer’s functional requirements. Through its easily configurable integrations with computer-aided design (CAD) and desktop systems, it can be used to accelerate bid-and-order engineering processes by automatically generating engineering outputs, including bills-of material (BOMs), 3D models, drawings, visualizations, work instructions and technical documentation.

 Rulestream has interfaces with other enterprise solutions, which means you can take full advantage of the information stored in these systems as well as transmit the configuration results and outputs to any downstream system, enabling enterprise-wide process integration.