Moving to Advanced CAD


Is your product development system enabled to meet the challenges of globalization, time to market, and complexity?

As global competition continues to drive cost, quality, and time to market, manufacturers can gain and keep a competitive advantage through a faster, more efficient product development system.

NX, the product development solution from Siemens PLM Software, delivers:

  • High-performance design capabilities that are built on advanced technologies
  •  A broad and versatile tool set that gives design teams the flexibility to design more quickly
  • Multi-CAD assembly mockup and other assembly engineering tools that enable fast and accurate development using virtual prototypes
  • An integrated set of manufacturing software applications facilitating part manufacturing, tool design and inspection programming –

all based on the proven, future-proof architecture of NX.


Pune on February 12, 2016
Venue : Hotel Kalasagar:
P-4 plot, MIDC, Mumbai-Pune Road, Pimpri, Pune 411034
Amrish Mehta
Jesha Inamdar –
Contact  Number – 020-7028014816

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