Moving to Advanced CAD


Is your product development system enabled to meet the challenges of globalization, time to market, and complexity?

As global competition continues to drive cost, quality, and time to market, manufacturers can gain and keep a competitive advantage through a faster, more efficient product development system.

NX, the product development solution from Siemens PLM Software, delivers:

  • High-performance design capabilities that are built on advanced technologies
  •  A broad and versatile tool set that gives design teams the flexibility to design more quickly
  • Multi-CAD assembly mockup and other assembly engineering tools that enable fast and accurate development using virtual prototypes
  • An integrated set of manufacturing software applications facilitating part manufacturing, tool design and inspection programming –

all based on the proven, future-proof architecture of NX.


Pune on February 12, 2016
Venue : Hotel Kalasagar:
P-4 plot, MIDC, Mumbai-Pune Road, Pimpri, Pune 411034
Amrish Mehta
Jesha Inamdar –
Contact  Number – 020-7028014816

Improving tool room productivity through automation

11781839_959607500750800_1933795718470488057_nTool design and manufacture is on the critical path for the development of many products. The demand for shorter product delivery times, faster turnaround on design enhancements, lower supplier costs and increasing global competition have dramatic impacts on the tool-making business. The need for component light-weighting, structural integrity and tool-less assembly are creating new challenges for tool design and manufacturing. The complexity of tool design and manufacture traditionally requires highly skilled people applying knowledge learned over years of practice. These resources are difficult to obtain or replace. Companies can gain competitive advantage by effectively leveraging specialized, best-practice knowledge in tooling development.

Quality of the end product depends directly on high-quality tooling. To achieve quality, tool designers and manufacturers must integrate their work with the product development effort. By dynamically linking tooling designs with product designs, companies can automatically propagate design changes to production tooling, achieving first-time quality.
To achieve speed and cost objectives, tool designers and manufacturers must eliminate wasted time, effort and resources – not only between product development and tooling development, but also throughout the tooling design, optimization and manufacturing process.

NX™ software from Siemens PLM Software is a next-generation solution that transforms the tooling development process with advanced automation. Knowledge-driven applications for tooling design and manufacturing are fully integrated with the overall product development process in a managed environment that improves productivity, accelerates the process, reduces waste and cost and improves quality.

Key challenges faced by the tool makers can be addressed by NX Die and Mold Design Software. By addressing three Key areas Siemens NX CAD and CAM Software solutions can improve the efficiency and productivity of Tooling Industry.

  • Mold Design Automation – First part of the presentation covers NX Mold Wizard product that applies Process Wizard technology to optimize the mold design process, delivering levels of productivity that dramatically outperform traditional CAD software. Providing a structured workflow based on expert best practices, automation of mold-specific design tasks and libraries of standard mold components. Additionally this session covers integrated mold filling simulation capabilities that enables designers to easily check potential manufacturing defects without leaving the NX design environment.
  • Design for Prototyping – Second part of the seminar covers latest technologies that SPLM is implementing in NX system to produce the 3D solid models of key mold components ready for 3D printing and then same models can be sent to any 3D printers directly from NX to manufacture proto-type parts. This new approach can help validate mold design in the very early part of the mold development process and also helps eliminate last minute costly manufacturing changes.
  • Advanced Manufacturing – Third part of the seminar will introduce you to the NX CAM which delivers a complete and proven solution for machine tool programming that enables companies to maximize the throughput of their most advanced machine tools. Additionally this session also covers new hybrid additive manufacturing technologies, where additive manufacturing (metal deposition) is used for building up complex geometries including internal cavities, then machining them for tight tolerances as they are built using subtractive manufacturing processes, thus helps manufacture new classes of parts with ease or consolidate many setups into one.

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